Louis King

This special page features the unique artwork created by Werner Matrisch of Cologne, Germany. Using his computer and his infallible sense of design, Werner has taken photos that we are (very) familiar with and breathed new life into them. It is amazing how far a new background, a new color, or a new special effect can go. Werner's creations really go far by adding a new dimension to each photo -- sometimes he adds a larger than life quality, a glimpse of eternity, or simply tongue-in-cheek humor. I really do enjoy these and am proud to share them with you. Below is my favorite Werner masterpiece, entitled BARBRA BUSH. (Originally called "The Barbra Tree" by Werner, it was aptly renamed by George Schubert of Washington, DC.) To view individual Werner art, click on each face. You won't be disappointed. CHEERS, Louis

Comment by Werner

After all these years - Thank you, Louis - for that nice statement. It is right - we were often not agree about the films or music of Barbra! And often we had verbal fights - but it has also given pleasure. Your Barbra Website had beside all that harsh and sometimes  exaggerated criticism quite an own style, joke, irony and also charm. I miss them.

Best Werner, October 2010