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Louis King

This special page features the unique artwork created by Werner Matrisch of Cologne, Germany. Using his computer and his infallible sense of design, Werner has taken photos that we are (very) familiar with and breathed new life into them. It is amazing how far a new background, a new color, or a new special effect can go. Werner's creations really go far by adding a new dimension to each photo -- sometimes he adds a larger than life quality, a glimpse of eternity, or simply tongue-in-cheek humor.

Kevin King

Absolutely marvelous....KUDOS! You have a wonderful and creative and humourous way about you.... I went through every piece with a smile on my face. I may be just a Social Stdueis teacher by day but like to consider myself fairly creative as to making personal dvd's and/or photo books (photography is a hobby of mine) so I am drawn to pieces of work,art, photography that stand apart from the others.

Brian Cabana

Such great work,I especially love the first photo,it's just amazingly gorgeous.

Comment by Werner

Thank you Brian !! I enjoy, that you like my "special"  Barbra images. Best Werner:


Werner, I love your website. Barbra is one of my life long heroes. Your website is a magnficient tribute to her films and her music. Your art captures her spirit and her essence masterfully. I especially love the warmth and humour of your pictures. They reflect many of the dimensions in Barbra's songs, her acting, and her personality.