About Me


I was born on 26. March 1945 in Werl, Germany. After secondary modern school and training to painter journeyman, 1964 study of free and applied painting at the Folkwang Academy in Essen with Professor Schardt.

From 1966 - 1980 I was employed in the Bonn Mineralienkontor Dr. F. Krantz as teaching material painter. Maps, geological models, duplicates of fossils and prehistoric skull findings were painted by me after the originals. most painted of my objects was the famous Archaeopteryx.

the art of werner matrisch

From 1981 to 2007 I was working at the lnischer Kunstverein as slopes and exhibition master managed art editions and regulated the sale of the so-called artist donations (graphics, sculptures, unique items, etc. ) to the members and visitors of the lnischer Kunstverein. Currently I am working as a painter (mostly oil) and photographer with emphasize on landscapes and people.

Since the mid 70s I travel around the Mediterranean sea and the Middle East. Formative stays in Greece, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia and Egypt. I live and work in Cologne.